A multimedia journey
from today´s standard pitch
to the real frequencies of our world




Contemplative time art on CD (+eBook) and DVD

The low-pitched sun drum in unexcelled sound quality – as if resounding from a giant cave. Atmospheric comparisons have already been made to Paul Horn’s “Inside the Great Pyramid” and to the “Horn of Gondor in the Mines of Moria” (The Lord of the Rings). Tuned to the basic frequencies and rhythms of the Sun, Earth and moon, “The Birth of the Sun Drum” pulsates in harmony with our nature. The project – seven years in the making – has been set to music, filmed and documented in a comprehensive E-book ( – to date only available in German).

The increasingly fast beat we experience in our computerised and technological world has long sucked us into its rhythm. The hustle and bustle of modern everyday life makes us lose touch with our balanced and peaceful middle. But where is this peaceful middle? Where can we feel it – Nature’s heartbeat? Life’s intrinsic pulse can be found in the evolutionary frequencies on which our existence is based: in the rhythm of our Earth day – everyday life, in the beat of the Earth year or in our moon’s cycles. This is where the balancing-wheels are that regulate our internal body clocks. The relaxing music of the sun drum is tuned to precisely these peaceful frequencies allowing our body and mind to slow down. Special recording studio equipment and instruments, such as the sun drum itself, were developed and manufactured especially for this project.

The mythological-ethnological background is also an integral part of the project with, among others, a shaman accompanying and assisting the musician in the development of the drum. The music CD includes a comprehensive E-book in German with extensive philosophical and technical background information. The Digipak also contains a DVD with music and an art film documenting “The Birth of the Sun Drum”.




tOM Sonnentrommler - Thomas Grube

The musician tOM Sonnentrommler aka Thomas Grube works with “stars and starlets”. He is the vocal coach to many national and international stars, for example, performers in the Eurovision Song Contest or Number 1 acts in the current pop charts. Known as DERGRUBE in the music industry, his approach involves two aspects: He attaches great importance both to providing performers with the basic tools of the trade, and also to their inner, human development. It is precisely this latter facet that led the music and film producer to the second aspect of his work with the “stars”: Under the name tOM Sonnentrommler he journeys to the intrinsic frequencies of our universe.




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